Nouvelle Bénéficiaire : Catarina Santos

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Catarina Santos is 17 years old — she was 12 when she had the trampoline accident.

A heart-felt note from Catarina's mother...

“Physically at first she barely moved her head and shoulders, but I started to work with her like crazy, I didn't want to hear the doctors. I just focused on one thing; nature always find a way... and I kept looking too, for a place where Catarina could do physiotherapy and I heard about Centro Giusti through Dr. Pratas Vital, a friend of Dr. Arcangelli.  

Now she is much better and able to write with her hand without any help. Her inferior abdominal and ilio-psoas started to work too, and the walking training is so much better and now she can feel all her body and this is new — she can feel contractions in the muscles of her feet.

We are eternally grateful to Next Steps Association for all the help that you have given to us.

Without your help it would be impossible.

Thank you so much.”

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